Update on the SESTA Bill

Update on the SESTA Bill(1)
We know it only took about three minutes of your time to make calls to representatives and senators, but it was well worth those few minutes!  The SESTA/FOSTA bill had a breakthrough!  The House of Representatives voted 388 to 25 for the bill to be passed.  It is going on to the senate!  Thank you for all your help.  We ask that you contact or tweet those you called to thank them!  Thank you for your efforts in wanting to end the sale of children for sexual exploitative purposes on the internet!  Don’t stop voicing your concerns and disgust for minors being sexually exploited and sold on internet websites.

If you have Twitter, please tweet these:

  • Thank you so much @senrobportman and @SenBlumenthal for your extreme hard work in #FOSTA #SESTA, let’s get it through the Senate! #IamJaneDoe #ListenToSurvivors
  • I thank you, @RepMimiWalters for being an aggressor for #FOSTA #SESTA and for helping victims of sexual exploitation to receive a form of justice when sold on websites. #IamJaneDoe #ListenToSurvivors
  •  @RepAnnWagner You have been a wonderful leader for this bill.  Thanks for fighting with your voice and vote. #FOSTA #SESTA #IamJaneDoe #ListenToSurvivors
  • Thank you @JacksonLeeTX18 for your impeccable statement in favor of #FOSTA #SESTA on the House floor. #IamJaneDoe #ListenToSurvivors
  • I thank you, @RepMarthaRoby for your insight and help on this vote. #FOSTA #SESTA #IamJaneDoe #ListenToSurvivors
  • Thank you @RepJerryNadler for taking the step of leadership on this vote. #FOSTA #SESTA #IamJaneDoe #ListenToSurvivors
  • Thank you @sethmoulton for all of the hard work you have put forward and through on #FOSTA #SESTA as it means so much to the sexually exploited minors on Backpage. #IamJaneDoe #ListenToSurvivors
  • @RepMaloney The fight against sex trafficking that you have taken in your vote has been so helpful! Thank you! #FOSTA #SESTA #IamJaneDoe #ListenToSurvivors
  • @GOPLeader You have made so many sexually exploited teens feel some peace with your vote. Thank you kindly! #FOSTA #SESTA #IamJaneDoe #ListenToSurvivors




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