Commodity Atlas by Verité

verite'Verité has been working towards ending labor trafficking in the world since 1995.  They are a non-profit independent organization that spreads advocacy, researches information, and evaluates and trains workers about worldwide working conditions to make sure they are safe, fair, and legal.

Supply chains cannot always be trusted to know where their products are being sourced.  Verité created the Commodity Atlas to help consumers like us towards an understanding of the supply chain for tea, gold, fish, cocoa, coffee, cotton, palm oil, sugar, and tobacco.

Each of the nine goods they share information on, shows a map of countries where the products have forced or child labor intertwined in obtaining them.  They give a description and explain what the practices of labor look like in that place for maintaining the products.  This can include the health hazards or the abuses that they have found while conducting their research.

Verité has partnered with many companies in reducing and fixing the broken supply chains so that consumers like us will be able to buy and enjoy our goods with clear consciences.


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