Grove & Bay

Grove & Bay, located in Bloomfield, NJ, officially released their website and products in March, 2017!  Their mission is to make it easy for consumers to buy clothes that have a positive impact on people and the planet!  We would love for you to learn more about their company!


We have been talking to founder Chris Welch, about Grove & Bay. Here’s what he had to say about their company’s uniqueness!

We’re creating an alternative to mall clothing. Today’s fashion industry is among the most wasteful and toxic industries in the world. Cheap clothes are throwaway clothes. Each year the US throws out 22 billion pounds of it. Popular brands often use toxic dyes that leech out chemicals that take several washes to get out, which cause allergic reactions, and impact the environment. Unfortunately, labeling on clothes leaves a lot to be desired.

Our three-person team has researched over 1,200 labels to pick brands with the look, price and quality that we can fully support. We want to break the myth that sustainable and ethical clothes have to be expensive, so our first collection of 15 brands and 150 styles for men and women are priced between $12-120.

In addition to style and price, every product we carry is vetted for its positive impact on working conditions, the environment and animal welfare around the world. We summarize each products’ positive benefits clearly for shoppers on the product page.

Justice Network readers and their friends can receive 15% off their first order with discount code JUSTICENETWORK15!”

Learn more about the company here!
Get shopping here!

Let us know about your shopping experience and if you used our code.


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