Baby Selling

My research on this issue began a few weeks ago when I came across a news article about a Japanese millionaire man who was paying Thai women to be surrogate mothers.  While he financially can support all 17 of his current children and has been said to show proper care for them, he also has […]

S.O.A.P. Up with Theresa Flores

On the afternoon of Sunday, May 21, the S.O.A.P. outreach event took place in Cherry Hill, NJ, hosted by the New Jersey Coalition Against Human Trafficking. Marla Meyers of Samost JFCS opened the event, followed by Mandy Bristol-Leverett, Executive Director of NJCAHT, Chief William Monaghan and Detective John Ostermueller of Cherry Hill Police, and Dawne Lomangino-DiMauro of DreamCatcher Program.  Each […]

Freedom Corner: Time Magazine Explores the Effects of Pornography

The term breaking ground is the initiation process into the sex trafficking industry. There are methods used to rid the individual of their self-worth in any way, shape, or form. This includes physical abuse, emotional and mental abuse and anything that would promote spiritual vacancy.  Pornography is one of the breaking grounds for human trafficking. […]