How can parents use CODEWORDS to protect their kids?

Having worked personally for over 5 years in the fight against human trafficking and sexual exploitation, I can tell you that the #1 factor that fuels sex trafficking in the United States isn’t kidnapping. It’s a lack of community. Most call this “the breakdown of the family” but we’re not talking specifically about moms or […]

Building an Awareness About Child Predators and Child Traffickers

Child predators are all around us.  Many have not been caught and can seem like the kindest people who will befriend you for a couple years to gain your trust before caring for your child when a babysitter is needed; abusing them without your notice. Some have families of their own.  Others might have just […]

Freedom Corner: A Dangerous Myth: “It can’t happen to me!”

A lack of information can be a dangerous thing. Most people are not aware that human trafficking exists in all 50 states. It is no respecter of persons. Whether in an affluent neighborhood or not, it is a far reaching network that infiltrates society in such a way as to affect a very wide socioeconomic […]