Many of these films may not be suitable for children considering the content within them.  Please view under your own discretion. All these films were viewed by our resources adviser who asks that you pray while watching, as they can be disturbing, yet convey the truth in why we seek justice and want an end to slavery.  Each film is linked so that when you click on the picture it will bring you to where you can view or purchase the film.

SHORT FILMS (Less than 1 hour)

10seconds candyshop fieldsofmudan priceofyouth

MOVIES (Dramatic films)
8daysfilm amazinggracemovie bellemovie thebreadwinner cesarchavezfilm First They Killed My Father doc gardensofthenight hollyfilm humantraffickingfilm nottodayfilm Pricelessmovie queenofkatwe slumdogmillionaire sold takenmovie trademovie tradeofinnocentsfilm whistleblower


Historical and General Slavery
attheendofslavery notmylife upfromslavery not-for-sale-doc

Sex Trafficking
theabolitionistsmovie bornintobrothels chosenfilm callresponsegirlnextdoor1 horseandrider nefariousplaygroundrapeforprofit savemyseoul Stoppingtraffic veryyounggirls whotookjohnny

Fair Trade & Labor Trafficking
blackgold childrenofthepyre food-chains LordofTea povertyinc small voices thetruecost

Gendercide, Child Brides, and Female Empowerment
awalktobeautiful audrieanddaisy  Daughters-of-Destiny-Poster daughtersofmotherindia girlrising halftheskyfilm Ladies-First liberatedmovie He Named Me Malala  veiloftears

Child Soldiers
Godgrewtiredofus the Flute Player invisiblechildren childsoldierfilm wardance

Refugee Films
afterspring salaamneighbor

TV Specials/shows
ABC News Primetime Sex Trafficking in America
MSNBC Undercover: Sex Slaves in America
CNN: Branded – Freedom Project
American Crime rapeinthefields thetraffickers