Activists’ Stories
be-the-change-book bookfromcongresstobrothel bookembracingfreedom booktheenoughmoment bookexodusroad bookgodinabrothel booklittleprinces booklotusbuds bookpassportthroughdarkness One Dress. One Year bookrefusenothing bookslavehunter bookthewhistleblower

Child Brides
booknajood booksold2

Child Soldiers, War Refugee Accounts, & Genocide Survival
bookfirsttheykilledmyfather Left to Tell bookalongwaygone booknile Notes From A Hyena's Belly Tears of my Soul bookwhenbrokenglass bookrunformylife

Female Empowerment

Kidnapped & Imprisoned Sex Slave Survivor Accounts
bookfindingmyself bookastolenlife

Labor Trafficking Victim Accounts

Sexually Exploited Survivor Accounts
booktheslaveacrossthestreet truthbehindthefantasyofporn bookwhenheaven


General Human Trafficking & Justice Information
bookendingslavery enslaved bookescapingdevilbedroom bookfortheirtearsidied bookhalfthesky bookthisimmoraltrade inourbackyard bookthenatashas booknobodies booknotforsale booknotinmytown bookpursuingjustice booksellingolga bookslavegirls bookslaverytoday booksos bookwomanchildsale Where am I wearing?

NGO Specific Work
almosthome bookbeyondtheshame bookbeyondsoildcurtainbookgirlslikeus bookgoodnewsaboutinjustice bookjustcourage bookthelocusteffect booknolongerslumdog terrify-no-more thewhiteumbrella

Historical Fiction (1800’s)
bookallthingsnew bookcandleinthedarkness bookalighttomypath bookhonor booklovefindsindianabookuncletomscabin

Sexual Exploitation & Trafficking
bookbloodransom bookbluenotebook deliver-me-from-evil thedeliverer bookexposed pricelessbook bookpriceless bookscaredbookmorethanrice rentinglacy  booksold



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