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The truth can sometimes overwhelm. Especially when it’s ugly. This is ugly, but we cannot afford to turn our heads. We cannot ignore it. The issue is far too important. Lives are literally at stake.
Below is information and an archive of our best blog posts that give detailed information on various forms of human trafficking.  Some of them are summaries of the most recent reports given about human trafficking.  Others are our most popular posts.

The most recent statistics:

  • 41 million people are estimated as enslaved around the world.
  • The average cost of a slave around the world is $90.
  • 14-21 million people suffering in labor trafficking around the world.
  • 5.5 million children are enslaved in labor trafficking.
  • 136 goods from 74 countries involve child trafficking labor.
  • Forced labor generates $150 billion in illegal profits per year. $354 billion worth of products at risk of being produced by modern slavery per annum.
  • 403,000 people are forced into human trafficking in the US or 1.26 of 1000 people are living in modern-slavery in the US.
  • 1 of every 5 children out of 11,800 runaways in the US are also victims of human trafficking.
  • A life span of a person once enslaved in slavery is as little as 3-7 years due to death from abuse, HIV/AIDS, drugs, suicide, attacks, or starvation.
  • 1 of every 5 pornographic images is of an underage child.  55% of child pornographic images come from the US.
  • In Nepal, 7% of girls are married at age 10, 40% by the time they are 15.
  • Peer-to-peer technology has distributed easy access to images of those who are sold into sexual slavery through pornography, leading to those who are being sold for sex acts.  Many underage victims are exploited through sextortion (those who are threatened and coerced to post indecent material).  The US has the highest number of servers hosting child abusive materials.
  • Modern-day slavery involves possession and control of a person, depriving them of their rights or the freedom to make their own decisions.  In the process they are used for profit and are usually transported away from their homes.  This control involves sorts of violence, threats, deception, and coercion.  There can be instances of debt bondage involved as well.
  • There are many forms of slavery today from sex trafficking to slave labor to child marriage and child soldiers.
  • Some slaves do receive pay, but usually have to pay a large portion back to their trafficker or are in such cheap labor that it is not enough to pay for their needs.  Usually they endure under harsh working conditions for more than 8 hours a day and are often controlled including where they live and go.
  • The United States is one of the top three destination points for trafficked victims. California, New York, Texas and Nevada are the top destination states within the country.
  • The average life expectancy of children who enter the sex trade is seven years. This means, on average, a child forced into prostitution at age 12 will be dead by 19.
  • Less than 2% of victims are ever rescued. Only 1 in 100,000 European traffickers are ever convicted.

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