Events and Opportunities

Below is a list of upcoming events in our area. Check with our Network Partners to discover more opportunities or events in other parts of the country.

You may also be interested in joining our core team of coordinators and prayer partners. These teams meet regularly and are actively and consistently involved in publicity, networking, education and event orchestration. If this sounds like a good fit for you, email us.

This page is updated on a monthly basis … sometimes weekly! Please stay tuned as details solidify. Join our next meeting to be part of creating and planning future initiatives.

Justice Network Meeting : Saturday, July 28 @10 AM- Noon

Meeting logo

  • Learn and discuss recent news on human trafficking
  • be a part of creating events to spread awareness about human trafficking and ending modern-day slavery
  • build a community with others who are seeking justice for the oppressed

Alli from The Hard Places Community(1)

Food Truck Festival [Facebook Event Page]

SOAP : July 28, 9 AM-Noon


50 For Freedom – Ratify the Protocol on Forced Labor Treaty

  • 25 countries out of 50 needed have ratified this so far! The goal is to have 50 by 2018!
  • We can end slave labor and bring greater freedom to those who are enslaved through bringing this to attention.
  • Sign up here! Spread the word! Tell your international friends and family!













  1. Praise God! I am interceding in prayer for above events. May our Lord continue to bless all you do.

  2. It’s truly amazing that only 6 countries have ratified this. Slave labor is a scourge on society and not how God intends anyone to live. It is terrible. I am praying for the countries that did not ratify it to do so.


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