United Nations 2016 Global Report on Trafficking in Persons

In reviewing the latest report, some things that are key changes or notes are the following: There has been an increase in the trafficking of men and boys. “Traffickers rarely travel abroad in order to recruit victims, but they do travel to destination countries to exploit them.  As general pattern, traffickers in origin countries are […]

Novelist Sheds Light on Human Trafficking

For better or for worse, most faith-based novels cover a very predictable formula, especially in the romance genre. Refusing to conform, author Miranda Shisler chose to independently publish her books in order to keep the grit and reality she felt her characters and stories needed. Shisler boldly tackles deep topics in her debut series, Midwest Maidens. […]

Freedom Corner: The Issue of Demand in the Sex Trafficking Industry Part I

There is a principle of economics that states that if there is a demand there will be a supply to meet it. In the sex trafficking industry, there is a concentration that focuses almost all of its energy on the women’s (think supply) side of the industry. Why? It is more identifiable since the girls […]