How can parents use CODEWORDS to protect their kids?

Having worked personally for over 5 years in the fight against human trafficking and sexual exploitation, I can tell you that the #1 factor that fuels sex trafficking in the United States isn’t kidnapping. It’s a lack of community. Most call this “the breakdown of the family” but we’re not talking specifically about moms or […]

The Handmaid’s Tale and Human Trafficking

“The Handmaid’s Tale” dominated The Emmys last night. Hulu received 18 nominations this year, 13 of which were for this series based on Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel of the same title (originally published in 1986). The show won five awards including Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series, Best Drama Series, Best Actress for Elisabeth Moss, […]

Where All the Strings Entwine: A Testimony from Our Co-Founder

by co-founder Tanya Dennis Someone once told me that I’m like a kite blowing a different direction every time the wind changes. “Your husband must have trouble holding onto your string!” This dear friend laughed, bewildered by what he perceived to be a short attention span and a lack of cohesive purpose. He couldn’t see […]