Make One More End-of-the-Year Donation to Justice Network!

We are a Non-profit modern-day abolitionist organization! Every one involved — from the founders and directors to the communications team and event planners and participants — are volunteers. As such, every penny donated goes to survivors of human trafficking and to prevention and awareness efforts. Make a Paypal donation today for your end-of-the-year giving! For future […]

1800s Abolitionists’ Christmas Story

Christmas was known for its brawls and drunkenness until the 1830s.  Abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison made an interracial anti-slavery movement in Massachusetts.  A group of women who already were denied the right to vote, knew that it was important to also fight for the freedom of the enslaved.  These Massachusetts women started creating Christmas bazaars […]

Why Ethical Consumerism is Critical for Abolitionists (Podcast)

Our very own Victoria Tiedemann hosts a regular podcast with her husband, Rob. They call it “Simply Us” — which is perfect since they focus a lot on minimalism, family, and thoughtful priorities. Their latest episode centers on the role that fair trade and ethical consumerism play in the fight against human trafficking. If you […]