About Us


A photo from when we received the Innovator Award in January, 2018

It started with two moms praying together, aching over the colossal issue of human trafficking. Within a month, it grew to a diverse group of passionate individuals meeting regularly, all desiring to do something … anything that would lead to full abolition and restoration. Justice Network was born.

Based in northern New Jersey, the group holds monthly meetings to plan, pray and act. Events include cooperative efforts with other anti-trafficking organizations that raise awareness and funds.

Our purpose is to EDUCATE, EQUIP and EMPOWER our friends and neighbors to become abolitionists.

We seek to:

  • Incite outrage over human trafficking and passion to do something about it
  • Provide education about the facts of the issue and ways to fight it
  • Introduce local and global organizations already on the front lines
  • Provide opportunities to fund rescues and support restoration for rescued victims
This is a photo from the first event we held in October, 2013