Tackle the Trafficking 2016

Formerly known as the “Turkey Bowl” but transformed into a way of spreading advocacy to fight human trafficking, over 50 men stepped up on Saturday to play in an annual football tournament that raises funds towards survivor care and prevention education of modern-day slavery.  Each participant gives donations during their registration.  The money raised (around $2,800) during this year’s event is going to Seeds of Hope.  They provide human trafficking prevention for families in Costa Rica so that their daughters and sons will not fall victim to the sex tourism trade there.

Mike Dykhouse, Danielle Hoitsma, and their team of helpers really worked hard, giving great devotion towards organizing this event.  It was a blessing for Justice Network to be involved as co-sponsors for the third year in a row.

There were items donated such as Starbucks coffee and hot chocolate, money for some of the food donated by an individual, those from Church of Bergen who gave their time,  bakery goods donated by Desserts of Distinction, and individuals who gave homemade baked items.

Our very own Susan Panzica spoke during halftime!  A few things she mentioned were:

Human trafficking is the fastest growing and second largest criminal enterprise in the world.

In every country in the world except one, the #1 contributing factor to human trafficking is poverty. It is cultural for families to sell their daughters to feed the rest of the family.  The one exception is the United States, where it is the breakdown of the family that is the #1 contributing factor. Our youth are enticed by traffickers who lure them with false love.

The young men playing the game, as well as their families, will be the generation to see an end to human trafficking.  They are the ones who will make a difference.  They will be the ones to change the culture, by the choices they make, by the things they say, and by the actions they take.

Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday!  We hope that you will consider giving to our organization.  Please see our donation page or go directly to our paypal page to donate.  100% of your donation will go towards awareness, prevention, and helping survivors of human trafficking.




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