Volunteers Needed to Help with Tackle the Trafficking Event on 11/26

12274779_896198747131080_7692213868585462313_nFor the fourth year in a row, Justice Network is hosting an event that is put on by a group of young men who play football together.  They sign up to play a tournament while donating money towards abolitionist work; ultimately bringing an end to human trafficking.  This year the money is going to Seeds of Hope.

The roster is already set, but we need volunteers to help out on the Justice Network side of things. The event is this Saturday on November 26 at Eastern Christian Middle School, 518 Sicomac Ave, in Wyckoff.

The kick-off begins at 11 AM and it ends at 3:20 PM (if you can stay to clean up after that time, it would be greatly appreciated – as this is needed the most).
If you are able to help out, you’ll be working at our refreshments and food table.  If you can’t be at the full event, please know that we need the most volunteers during the last half of the event.  If you are able to help out, please email us!

Otherwise it costs $5 for those who want to watch the game!

Check out the great promo for the event!


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