Justice Rocks 2 Event Recap

Last year we had the privilege of putting on our first Justice Rocks event.  This year we decided to try again after much success last year.  We all definitely had a great time and hope you felt the same way!  We would love to hear your experiences from the night!  Tell us your story in a comment!

We want to thank High Mountain Church and those who volunteered with them, as well as for the use of their facility for the night.  We also thank the Justice Network team for all the dedication and hard work put in; in regards to the planning and working throughout the night at the event.  We love our team members and leaders!

Vendor List:
First off Mayamam Weavers was planning on being at this event but could not make it.  They were at our event in April. They leave you with an offer of free shipping and a 10% donation to Justice Network on anything ordered on their website using the coupon code “JusticeShipFree”.

Ben & Jerry’s: For a second year in a row we were graced with the delicious goodness of ice cream by Ben & Jerry’s!  They are committed to sourcing Fair Trade ingredients as a way to improve the livelihoods of small family farmers around the world.  We know that our ice cream experience was better tasting knowing they care for those who work for them!

Bondhu: Traveling far to be a part of this event, we were so thankful for Bondhu for joining us!  Bondhu is Bengali for “friend”.  Bondhu buys directly from the source – the craftsmen and women that create these sustainable goods by hand. Bondhu believes in cruelty-free, fair trade, unique apparel. They strive to provide you with eco-friendly, conscious consumerism. Even their green packaging is 100% recyclable!

Bridge of Faith: Another wonderful organization that has come back again to our Justice Rocks event!  Bridge of Faith mobilizes people and religious organizations in NJ to support a variety of health, education, and human service programs in Awka, Nigeria. They work with three orphanages with infants and children who are orphans while teaching them about God. They supply goods and provide basic needs for those across a mil-long bridge over the Niger River at Onitsha.  They provide healthcare and education.  They sell African crafts in the US to help support those in need.

Equal ExchangeDid you get a chance to try the free sample chocolate at the event?  Equal Exchange chocolates and cocoas are crafted using only the purest ingredients, grown with care by small farmer co-ops. They source from these small farmer organizations because they believe they are the heart and soul of the Fair Trade movement.

Gracie Greene:  Gracie Greene’s mission is to create beautiful products that will help educate children around the world and take them from oppression to opportunity. Their products are upcycled natural products used for raising awareness for Fair Trade Farmers. By using their unique burlap graphic as part of their products.  Java Totes and Pillows help to promote these coffee farmers.  They work in Cambodia, convinced that education would be the most effective way to fight poverty, modern day slavery and fertility. Their goal is to create a product to sell as a means to raise awareness and funds to build a school in Cambodia.  We are thrilled to have had them at our Justice Rocks 2 event!

Handmade Mennonite Quilts:  Our very own resources adviser/social media manager makes quilts and is a Mennonite.  Every quilt is created faithfully and diligently.  Although this is a self-run business, the person behind the quilt longs for slavery to end and is very dedicated to work against human trafficking, with a deep dedication towards fair trade.

Here There and Everywhere:  Every Fair Trade event we have put on, Here There and Everywhere has been happy to be a part of them.  They are a nonprofit, re-purposed goods platform that provides survivors of economic hardships, domestic abuse, sexual assault, and human trafficking with an avenue for creative expression. While incorporating art therapy and ethical design concepts, survivors are taught vocational & entrepreneurial skills in sewing, jewelry making, and crafts to bring new life to discarded items. The end product is a culmination of creativity, catharsis, and dedication.

House of Hope Nicaragua: A newer vendor to our events, House of Hope is a Christian organization that gives job training and housing for young girls and women with children, some who have exited human trafficking situations throughout Nicaragua. The items are created by Tuesday Morning programs, a support group to make hand-crafted items. Funds raised from product sales serves as a supplement to the income ladies receive from other small jobs, and teaches skills that will lead to a life free from slavery and prostitution.

Jars of Hope: You may have seen that we have partnered up with Jars of Hope a few times now, though this is our first Fair Trade event they have been a part of!  Whenever a necklace is purchased, a victim is being helped and also receives a necklace. They long to create beauty in a broken world, specifically to shine a light on the issue of slavery.  Each necklace’s glitter to emphasize the wonderful truth that God is taking those affected by human trafficking and restoring their lives into something beautiful. 

La Caron La Caron is passionate about making quality, natural, and organic products that are affordable for everyone that wants to not only eat as clean as possible, but encompass a natural lifestyle in every way!  The private-run business is run by a woman who also cares deeply about slave-free and ethical materials.

 Land of a Thousand Hills: Do you love coffee??  Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee Co. partners with Rwandan farmers and local community leaders to develop the coffee into a sustainable income, pay a just Living Wage, and strive to further meet the needs of the people. When you buy Land of a Thousand Hills, you are receiving coffee that is 100% Arabica, fairly traded, and roasted fresh. Your excellent morning cup is offering hope to these developing coffee communities with each purchase. “Drink Coffee. Do Good.”

LulaRoe: Building relationships with workers in various countries by properly sourcing their products is important to LulaRoe. They believe that every one of their products has a story worth sharing from the process of creating it, those who work on making the creation a reality, those who sell the product, to those who end up wearing them.  To specifically get in touch with the Consultant who was at our event, go here.

Mitla Moda: Mitla Moda also has been to each of our events and is committed to the slow fashion movement, offering high-quality items meant to last for years, that are made sustainably, using natural materials and on traditional, foot-powered looms. They are committed to purchasing directly from the artisans they collaborate with, through fair trade principles, which provide sustainable, living wages that directly benefit each artisan family and the surrounding community. They are proud to contribute to economic development in Oaxaca, one of the poorest states in Mexico, by sharing the beautiful artisan traditions from this region.

Seeds of Hope: Working in Costa Rica to change laws to protect victims of human trafficking and training student leaders is the start of the work of Seeds of Hope.  They work in high risk communities with after school programs while providing restoration to those who have been victimized.  One of Justice Network’s team members has been to Costa Rica herself and is devoted to helping those in Seeds of Hope’s programs.  It is always a pleasure to have Seeds of Hope at our events! We will be having a Tackle the Trafficking event on November 26th that will benefit Seeds of Hope!

Soul Change Cottage: Providing for those in the Philippines, making innovative community change to sustain economic increase while preserving cultural heritage and use of raw materials in production of eco-friendly export is what Soul Change Cottage is all about.  They take their work into the markets and selling their products throughout the US at events such as Justice Rocks 2!

Unshattered: We love these ladies so much and the work they do.  We are thankful they continue to come to our events!  Their mission is to rebuild hope for lives shattered by addiction and enable women in recovery to see and know the value they can bring to the world by creating beauty and purpose out of shattered lives and discarded things. Unshattered is the social enterprise arm of the  Walter Hoving Home.  They make bags out of re-purposed materials, just like the lives they encounter – creating wholeness from pieces. Each bag is handmade by a woman in residence at the Walter Hoving Home who is winning her fight against addiction through God’s grace and redemption.

Young Living Essential Oils:  Using natural ingredients from their own specific farms around the world with workers they have good relations with in Idaho, Ecuador, British Colombia, France, and Oman, Young Living oils makes a commitment to a natural way of wellness and healing.

Did you get to hear the band Oracle play at our event?  Didn’t they sound amazing? We hope you had a fun time listening in on their sweet tunes while enjoying your Fair Trade coffee.  We truly thank them for being willing to be a part of this fun event.  They made it more lively, for certain!  Thanks for donating your time to our event!

Let’s talk about our raffle!  We received such spectacular Fair Trade and ethically created  donations from various stores and organizations to make this raffle possible.  We want to thank Noonday Collection, The Fine Grind, Foodtown, Health Stop, Starbucks, House of Hope, Soul Change CottageEqual Exchange and Land of a Thousand Hills.  We saw a lot of happy winners of each item! Thank you to all those who donated these items!



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