The “No Vacancy Pledge”

hotelroom2There are many hotels/motels that profit from pornography due to people purchasing porn channels to watch while staying in their hotels.  Some hotels/motels have taken a stand to not allow for such services such as the Marriott and Hilton.

If you were to go to a motel and ask that they remove the access to these channels during your stay, for the most part they do comply, but not always.

It is important to know that there are many men who will purchase pornography channels at hotels they stay at.  Often they will call for sexual services due to being alone and wanting to act out what is being visualized on the screen.  The responses to their longing can cause for further abuse to sexually exploited human trafficking victims.

Other times, traffickers will go to these hotels and make victims of sex trafficking learn from the pornography as a model for how to act when with clients.

Take the No Vacancy Pledge in order to further encourage hotels to allow for safety of the minds of those who stay at their hotels and the possibility of protecting and ending sexual trafficking within our country.


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