Amazon Sells Guide Books on How To Make Sex Slaves

pimpAmazon is an amazing website.  You can usually find whatever you want or need and quickly purchase items to be dropped off at your doorstep.  They have thousands of books available to buy for your tablets or to own as a paperback or hardcover copy.

How-to guides are always great informational books for when you are wanting to learn about new subjects or to live a way of life you are interested in pursuing.  They lead to inspiration and life change.  For many, life changes are positive and wonderful things to have!

There have been sex traffickers (pimps) arrested for their crimes of human trafficking, but some of these want to encourage other people to be like them.  It is no question that the “pimp life” is one that has become like a fun joke to many; glamorized by society as a quick way to receive money to become rich beyond desire.  This way of life inspires many to want to be like them and others to want to be with them.  It doesn’t help that many rhythm and poetry (rap) artists claim to be pimps themselves and make it seem like a great escape for a kid who might be living in poverty to dream up for himself.

4110681242_3923b7301f_oSome imprisoned sex traffickers have written how-to guides in detail.  They teach how to scout out girls, how to get them to depend on the reader and trust in them to the point where the reader can take charge of running their own pimpin’ business.  These guides speak in words that ultimately look down and degrade women so they may become easier targets as sex slaves.  the books speak of abuse in a positive way for the reader’s benefit of gaining their ideal of success.

Amazon allows the purchase of these guide books from their website.  There is currently a petition out to try to get Amazon to take these books off of their website.  While freedom of speech is an important thing to us all, having these books so readily available to a person is a concern to modern-day abolitionists.  While the books being published is not the issue here, the petition just wants Amazon to continue to make their site more safe to the many women who may become a target to a negative life change filled with abuse and heartache.

The petition aims for 50,000 signatures, still needing just under 10,000 signatures.  We hope you will pass along this information as well as the petition!  You (we) can continue to fight human trafficking little by little simply by signing petitions like this one.

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