Freedom Corner: Time Magazine Explores the Effects of Pornography

The term breaking ground is the initiation process into the sex trafficking industry. There are methods used to rid the individual of their self-worth in any way, shape, or form. This includes physical abuse, emotional and mental abuse and anything that would promote spiritual vacancy.  Pornography is one of the breaking grounds for human trafficking. Others are strip clubs or chat rooms.

What may be surprising to the average individual, is that the manager of the breaking ground would be kind enough to keep the thought alive that the targeted person is loved. This is the most manipulative and effective lie of all. If you make the victim think she/he is temporarily important enough so she/he won’t even think of leaving, you have her/him. In plain terms it is brutal and is used to undermine and strip the victim of their sense of worth both mentally, emotionally and physically, thus enabling the manager (pimp/trafficker) to control the victim.

8367853144_ec56ce4c87_bIn April, Time magazine published an informative article of the effects pornography is having on young men and women. The title of it is: Porn and the Threat to Virility.  The article centers on the physical side effects of long term saturation in the industry. For example, the internet supplies non-stop use of pornography to such a degree that it is perverting the mind and bodies’ response to sexual stimuli for young men. In short, they can be so immersed in this, that when the real thing is right in front of them, their bodies do not respond. It is alarming them to such an extent, that there is currently a movement among young men against pornography for the reason that they just want to have normal lives. They are seeing firsthand what negative effect this can have on them. Unfortunately, they are only focusing on the physical and have not scratched the surface of how debilitating this is to not only them, but also to their relationships and most importantly to people in the industry, i.e. the human trafficking victims.

Additionally, the extensive use of pornography has caused young women to feel like they have to behave like porn stars in bed for fear of disappointing their partners. Worse yet, young men are expecting this. One woman said that when she is in bed with a man, she feels she has to role play and turn into another person. It is like a switch flips and she is someone else. She can’t be herself because of the fear that she and her acts are not good enough. It is a sad state of performance anxiety.

Relating this back to human trafficking, what does this mean in the broader picture? It means pornography is not only being used by traffickers as a control mechanism, it is warping and pervading relationships to such a degree that both genders are feeling the effects of it. Also degradation of women is becoming a norm that pornography puts forth as a theme. In turn, it can fuel the human trafficking machine, which would make sex trafficking a more acceptable industry. It is so alarming in some areas that Utah has declared pornography a health crisis.

What about this movement of men against pornography? It is positive to a certain degree but does not go farther than the base physical aspect of it. This is no noble cause. It is because these men want to have normal sex lives that this is happening, rather than erectile dysfunction.  However, there is more than one way to shut down a trafficker. And if this is one of the ways that God brings good out of bad situations; maybe He is making this path straight. If this is what ends pornography, awesome. It is a high price to pay for sure, but the higher price by far is the extension of the sex trafficking industry through the window of pornography. The bigger scar on humanity is the exploitation of the victim and not erectile dysfunction. Another facet to this issue is by proxy, this may curb the demand for prostitutes. Although there are many examples in the Bible teaching that God does not condone exploitation of the vulnerable, this particular article resonates on a level that brings home that point with laser focus.

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