Jars of Hope Event Conspectus

About fifty people showed up for the Jars of Hope event we held on Thursday night.  Thank you to all who came out to support Justice Network, Jars of Hope, and Love Links!  It was a fun experience.  Let us know your thoughts on the night in comments below.

Jennifer Tartini has a heart towards ending human trafficking and explained the journey of Jars of Hope.  We recently had an interview with her, that we hope you’ll read.

Cassandra Hayden talked about her involvement with Love Links, expressing some of the experiences of going into strip clubs in NJ to reach out to the dancers, bouncers, attendees, and managers.  She stressed the importance of the encouraging cards given out each month to the women they encounter.

Jennifer shared Annie Lobert’s I Am Second video.  It certainly was moving, leaving an impact on those who were viewing it.

There was a questionnaire people took that had multiple choices of how well one may or may not know about the topic of human trafficking.  Jennifer shared the answers as a way to further spread awareness and educate those who were at the event.  She also had a jar filled with stones.  The person who guessed the amount in the jar received a basket filled with goodies.

There were two tables set up.  One was a station to make necklaces that would be going to Love Links as they have their outreach, and the other was to write out cards to give to the women in the clubs.  Doing these things gave people an understanding that they could do something to help others even if they weren’t sitting with victims or pulling people out of their slavery across the world.  It is important that all people know that they can make a difference in the world around them!



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