Jars of Hope Founder Interview + Event

We have been so thankful for the partnership Justice Network has with Jars of Hope.  Jennifer Tartini, who runs Jars of Hope has been at our two recent movie events selling her beautifully hand crafted necklaces.  We will be hosting a Jars of Hope event coming up on July 28th.  It will be a night where you can make a necklace that will be given to women Love Links reaches out to at strip clubs in NJ.  There will be a video of Annie Lobert telling her trafficking story during the event.  We hope that you will come and join us.  Let us know if you can make it by RSVP on our facebook event page!  Make sure you share our current flyer for the event with your friends and family members.
Jars of hope flyer 1

We did a small interview with Jennifer about Jars of Hope.  Please read the partnership profile interview, and thanks so much Jennifer for all that you do!

Organization Name: Jars of Hope
Foundation Date: August 18, 2015
Location: Lynchburg, VA

Mission Statement: Jars of Hope is a non-profit organization seeking to bring an end to human trafficking by partnering with organizations that have the same vision.  By setting goals with each organization we partner with, we are able to help fund brothel raids, aftercare, and any other needs the organization may have.  Most importantly, Jars of Hope is built on a foundation of prayer and is existing solely by the grace of God.  We pray over each jar sold and donated that the Gospel will penetrate the hearts of those wearing them.

How many are on your team? 1, just me but I have volunteers scattered here and there whenever someone is available, praying for more people to join the team long term!

What is unique about your role and efforts in the fight for justice? I think one of the ways Jars of Hope is unique is we are selling something that is not sold in stores and hasn’t been seen before (the bracelets). It’s something different and the fact that for each one that is bought a survivor receives a similar product – people aren’t just purchasing a necklace, they are helping impact the lives of others for eternity.

What is one way that people can help you? One way that people can help is pray and raise awareness.  Prayer is the most valuable and precious asset to this organization and the awareness of not only Jars of Hope, but human trafficking will help bring an end to this injustice once and for all.

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