Justice for Kenyan Murders

justiceinkenyaToday in the US, people are celebrating freedoms they have of independence from British rule.  Today in Kenya, there is a march for justice in solidarity for the murders of Willie Kimani, Josephat Mwenda and Joseph Muiruri.

Willie Kimani was a Kenyan International Justice Mission lawyer who’s work was to defend oppressed people and find justice for them.  He was in the works of doing so for his client Josephat Mwenda, who was in court filing a complaint against police brutality and false accusations towards him by the police.  They left the courthouse entering the vehicle of a trusted taxi driver by the name of Joseph Muiruri.

No one could reach them after that time until someone saw two of the men, maybe more, locked in a metal container on a police base yelling through a barred window for help. The men threw out a note scribbled on toilet paper. The note was from Mr. Mwenda. It said,  “Call my wife. I’m in danger.” [1]

Policemen had denied that the men were there.  The cab was found deserted on a tea plantation with the doors locked thirty miles away.

A week after these men went missing, their bodies were found in a river.  Their hands had been bound behind their backs and there were signs that they were viciously tortured and killed. The cab driver even had an eye gouged out. [2]

Three of the cops suspected of the murders are in court. IJM is calling for the removal of the head of the Administration Police Service in Kenya and rapid convictions of all involved with this horrific crime.[3]

To seek further freedom for Kenya, so that the police enforcement may protect its citizens instead of harming them, there is a petition out to find justice for these three brave men who were murdered.  This will also remove Samuel M. Arachi from being a Deputy Inspector General  of the Administration Police in Kenya, due to the fact that “the number of crimes reported to the police in 2015 involving the police increased by 34 percent.” [4]


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