Student Service Day

Students from Eastern Christian High School have service days to learn how to work with people and organizations who may need help.  It is required for those who attend ECHS to have 60 hours of service in order to graduate.  Service days help them step forward in preparation for their future.  They may have to do landscaping, help in nursing homes, be a part of children ministries, and more.  This teaches them responsibilities and gives them an awareness of those who are in need.  Last week we had a fun opportunity to teach the next generation about human trafficking and showed them a few ways in which they can help survivors.

For three hours, four students named Julia, Daniel, Nicole, and Rachel from ECHS came to learn about our work at Justice Network.  Co-founder Susan Panzica asked if the students were familiar with human trafficking, in which two did not know about it.  She gave them all a brief introduction about modern-day slavery.

In our partnership with Love Links, we had Lydia Gorter sit down with the students to explain some of her encounters with women in strip clubs and how it can be a training ground for those put into human trafficking.  This is not an easy subject to bring up to teenagers, but she did a wonderful job showing the heart of what LL does.

Lydia put the students to work by having them arrange glass mugs with candies and decorations.  These will be given out to women in strip clubs in NJ as a gift in July (they always try to prepare ahead).


Co-founder Tanya Dennis prepared cards with colorful stamps and papers.  She came up with three beautiful designs that are summery and pretty, in which anyone would love to receive.  She showed the students how to make and write out the cards that will be given to the women Love Links visits.

While making cards, FBI victim specialist Kayla M. came to explain to the students about her work and how she needs clothing to help the girls she reaches out to.  These girls don’t have much outside of the street clothes they are wearing when rescued.   We were low on time to have them sort the clothes out, as we also give clothes to Restore NYC, Cabrini’s Closet, and Star of Hope.  Justice Network’s team members Christina Strange, Janene Hall, and Victoria Tiedemann worked on the sorting while the students worked hard on making cards.

We hope this small event sparked inspiration in the hearts of one or all of the students who helped us out, and that they can spread the word to their friends so that slavery will be completely wiped out within their lifetime.

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  1. Nice job students! Way to go! It is always a great idea to make community service a part of a person’s every day life so that we have compassion on those that can’t speak for themselves and also to count our blessings.


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