Recap: The Abolitionists Movie Event

TheAbolitionistsProfilePicLast week The Abolitionists film had a one-day showing at 459 select theaters across the country.   We partnered with Jennifer Tartini of Jars of Hope to champion the Paramus theater here in New Jersey.  We were placed as #101 for most in attendance!  We were thrilled by the outcome of guests!

The film was about a group of men put together by former Homeland Security CIA agent Tim Ballard to specifically invest their lives in rescuing victims of human trafficking.  They also help to arrest traffickers by working alongside the law enforcement in varying countries. Their team is called Operation Underground Railroad (OUR).  The film highlights two of their undercover investigations.

One of the investigations was to rescue young girls from sex trafficking in Colombia and to arrest their traffickers.  It showed the bumps they endured in the process and what it is like for them to have to behave as sex tourists in order to have success.

The other investigation was in Haiti, when a man who runs an orphanage has his own son stolen and sold into human trafficking.  They try to search for the little boy and catch those who may have sold him off.  They showed how easy it is to buy a child in a country ravaged by poverty and why action has to regularly be conducted to help those who are suffering there from slavery.

After the movie there was an extra sequence interview with a few of Operation Underground Railroad’s team.  We hope this helped with any inquiries you may have had after the film.  If you have more questions that are unanswered, leave a comment here or email us:

Justice Network and Jars of Hope had a table set up outside of the theater.  It was so wonderful to have an opportunity to connect with many who saw the film, and even some who did not see the film who were curious onlookers!  We thank you for coming to see the movie and discussing your own experiences and heartaches about modern-day slavery with us.


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