Freedom Corner: Fallen by Annie Lobert – A Book Review

fallenAnnie Lobert chronicles her experiences in the sex trafficking industry in a compelling book that relates the past, the present, and a look into her future. It was an absorbing and explicit look at her entire story from beginning to deliverance. Jesus was her answer, but not before she came to the end of herself.

Getting to that revelation was a hard and long road. From her initiation into the industry by a friend and her boyfriend, to the power trip over men, to the beatings by a pimp – and then deliverance and finally ministry.  Everyone who thinks this is a choice should read this book. In fact, it should be required reading because too many still think that the victims bring this on themselves. Or worse yet, that the issue does not exist. Even if “choice” is floated as a fantasy, that all comes to a crashing end when the realization that she is trapped by the intimidation of a pimp and his network hits home. The litmus test of choice is this: Can she get out of this industry safely? The answer is a resounding no. It brings back the notion of Harriet Tubman’s Underground Railroad during the Civil War as the only safe means to leave with your life intact.

We are products of our past no matter how much we try to deny that fact. Did you know that 90% of sex trafficking victims have some sort of abuse in their past. It could be emotional, physical or sexual. The sum total of our lives shape who we are and what we become. Yet as a Pastor once said, “It may not be your fault, but it is still your problem to solve.” Jesus helped Annie solve it.  It is a testimonial of Jesus’ love and how He is right there with us no matter how big the issue is. This is deliverance on a huge scale. Does Jesus rock or what?

annielobertIt is funny how God works. The writer of this article hatched the idea of writing the book review in hopes of supplying information about the sex trafficking industry first hand from a survivor. But instead, Annie’s description of her personal relationship with God was so encouraging it ministered to the writer in a number of ways. God’s plan really is amazing.

Annie is now a victim’s advocate for Hookers for Jesus and has thrived since she met the Lord.

This is a highly recommended book. It is detailed, focused, and inspirational. It highlights the sex trafficking industry for what it is: a scourge on society, exploitive and motivated by greed.


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