Bring Freedom to Fashion

frdmSupply chains are always something that we need to be aware of as abolitionists.  Where are our clothes really coming from and do the companies that create these clothes know about the line of sources and where each piece of clothing originally came from?  Who made the fabric? Where was the cotton grown?  Are the workers who created these pieces being treated fairly with good working conditions, hours, and pay?

Made in a Free World is pushing for “#FRDM” with a current campaign to get some of the most well known brands to sign up to value the freedom of their workers.  ANY type of business can be a part of their confidentiality platform of zero-tolerance against slavery!

If you are a consumer, you can contact companies to ask that they join the campaign.  You can explain that slave-free items are important to you.  As a start, you can simply go to, select all of the companies in which are currently listed to write emails to put in your name and e-mail address, and then hit submit!  Be sure to let your friends know so they can join you.  Want to take it further? Send e-mails using the document to other fashion-based companies that you love shopping at.
Remember that you can also check our fair-trade and ethically made companies list here.
Know of a company not included that should be? E-mail


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