Tackle the Traffickers Recap

We are grateful for the young men who are standing up to say they want no part in slavery and are willing to defend victims of human trafficking in any way they can.  Several of these men have come together for the past couple of years to play football in order to raise money for the organization Love True, who is in the process of starting the first NJ safe house for underage sex trafficking victims.  They have now played in both cold snow and in the rain which is easy to endure compared to the hardships victims of human trafficking suffer.

Each man who is interested in being a part of Tackle the Traffickers signs up (organized by Mike Dykhouse) and gives a donation of $10-$20 (or whatever they feel led to give).  The first year around $500 was raised.  This year $754 was raised!  Those who register to play are placed on a team.  Throughout the game day, the teams switch around to play one another.  Refreshments are provided by Justice Network as well as certain snacks that can be bought (all the money going to Love True).  At half-time in the first year, Susan, Co-founder of Justice Network gave a brief speech.  This year Rebecca of Love True shared how the men are the solution in bringing a change to modern-day slavery.  She encouraged the football players to continue to speak up and work towards advocating for those who suffer in human trafficking and thanked them for their efforts.

The men seem to be excited about doing this again next year! We look forward to another year to cheer them on!  Below are photos from the past two years’ Tackle the Traffickers events!

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