Freedom Corner: Another Myth: Deportation as a Solution

Here is another myth that is another result of the misinformation highway. I have heard while talking to various people about abolition, “If we just deport them the problem goes away.” This is a resounding, “No”. It is a great fallacy to think that if we deport immigrants that the “problem” goes away. The statistic is: 32% of victims are foreign nationals. The issue in the first place is not the victims, it is the trafficker. So let’s look at who the trafficker is.

deportationThe United States ranks in the top 3 destination countries. The reason is that the traffickers and their far reaching network include people that are American. This includes: taxi drivers, limo drivers, hotel owners, document handlers and the list of complicity goes on, but I am sure you see the point. Americans purport trafficking whether we as Americans like that fact or not. (Notice I did not even mention the top of the chain, but I digress)

Deportation is akin to going to a gun fight with a knife. It would not have any significant impact and would actually contribute more to the suffering of the victim. They would have to endure transportation, more abominable treatment and more of the same in their own country from the people who trafficked them in the first place.

Education of facts about human trafficking are becoming known currently. And that is wonderful. The last thing that should enter the discussion is an “us” versus “them” mentality which is detrimental not only to us as a people, but more to the victims it affects. Also moving the issue just gives someone else the same problem. The more we focus on solutions that are comprehensive in nature (a multi-faceted approach) the more we can root out human trafficking in our own backyards. More importantly myths like deportation will not have a stronghold in the discourse on modern day slavery.

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