Human Trafficking News: Where to Follow

Are you connected?

News about modern-day slavery and human rights surface every single day. Are you connected? Do you know what’s going on in the world of human trafficking?

Just within the past 10 days we’ve seen (and shared) the following headlines:

  • Amnesty International approves policy to decriminalize sex trade.
  • Detroit man convicted of sex trafficking 3 minors
  • Child trafficking racket busted, 18 rescued while en route to Guajarat
  • ‘Fair Trade’ labeling to extend beyond coffee and chocolate into the world of fashion
  • Egypt introduced anti-trafficking hotline and allocated $US 14 million to address vulnerability of children to sex trafficking
  • Sex Trafficking Crackdown in Clarkstown, NY (involving Johns from NY and NJ)
  • Writers join forces to raise money for Mercy House in Kenya
  • #PutTheNailInIt campaign fights domestic violence
  • Former Victim of Sex Industry Helps Other Escape
  • Tech Firm Intel takes action to eliminate slave labor

In addition to these news stories, Justice Network has also shared links to:

  • local and upcoming abolition events and inspiring opportunities
  • education, statistics, and investigation
  • thought-provoking articles on racism and oppression
  • articles of preventative measures for parents, teachers, and guardians
  • updates on rescue efforts
  • testimonies of restoration
  • like-minded organizations throughout the nation
  • resources

Where to connect:

Find these stories and more on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.


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