What’s happening THIS WEEK?

Wondering if there is a place for your in this battle for freedom and justice? Wonder no more!

We are, honestly, quite overwhelmed with all the opportunities and needs right here in our local area. We would love to have you join us.

Within the past two weeks Justice Network members and partners have attended fundraising socials, held various meetings, planned events, and prepared speaking engagements. We’ve also gathered and delivered donations and drafted the beginnings of new ministries and outreach.

Restore NYC Justice Network donationsThis image shows donations that Justice Network brought to Restore NYC. We’re so thankful to the girl scouts of Totowa, Cadet Troup 115, who chose to raise awareness about human trafficking by gathering this items. And to the Picatinny women (spouse group & PWOC) for their generosity of spirit, time, and finances.

Together we’ve been on the front lines, behind the scenes, and several places in between. Ready to stand with us?

Here are a few opportunities this weekend.


SATURDAY, MAY 2nd : Cut-A-Thon – Abolition Event 2015

  • 9:00AM to 4:00PM
  • Calvary Temple in Wayne, NJ
  • “Salon” reservations can be made by going to calvarynj.com/contact/ and emailing a requested service
  • The proceeds for the cuts and some of the vendors will be donated to Restore NYC recovery homes.

Cut-A-Thon - Abolition Event 2015


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