#Stand4Freedom with Restore NYC and IJM

stand4freedomLast week a handful of leaders from Justice Network attended a #Stand4Freedom event hosted by Restore NYC. City Winery in Manhattan offered a beautiful location for the night. Two paths, designated by red or white footprints, traced the stories of two women caught in human trafficking while speakers inspired all in attendance toward action.

Did you know?

  • In NY 87% of human trafficking victims need long-term housing, but only 4% receive it?
  • 77% of the women served by Restore NYC are mothers?
  • The average age is 42.

What can you do?

GIVE. Financial donations are critical to support the work already being done and to fund future projects.

VOICE. Contact your state representatives about vital laws and motions regarding the protection of victims and the prosecution of traffickers. Educate your friends and neighbors. Share the message of freedom and abolition.

PARTICIPATE. Attend events, meetings, fundraisers. Buy fair trade. Explore what you can do right where you are.

PRAY. So much of this is out of our hands, but not beyond the hands of the One who holds all things.

Here are some photos of our time that night.


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