Upcoming Events: TRICKED, Cut-a-thon, and HT101

It seems we have a ton of things going on all the time with Justice Network! There is a place for EVERYONE in this battle for freedom, this fight against human trafficking. Be sure to follow us on twitter or facebook for up-to-the-minute details on news and events. Also check out our calendar of Opportunities here on the website. This is updated regularly.

We have a major event TONIGHT at WPU. Danielle Douglas, human trafficking survivor, will share her story and her documentary TRICKED. It’s a raw, truthful look at HT in the US. Join us at 5:30pm in the Student Center, Room 216.

In April we have our planning meeting and IJM Prayer Gathering. Just two weeks after that, our Cut-A-Thon – Abolition Event 2015 will raise funds for LOVE-True.

Also in May our co-founder Susan Panzica will be speaking at an open and free community event, along with representatives from the NJ Attorney General’s Office and the FBI. See the flyer below for details on that.

HT 101 at Shadyrest 5.13.15. flyer

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  1. Tricked – a movie review – by Gail Kaiser

    Some movies grip you and don’t let go even after the credits roll. Tricked is such a movie. It is a documentary that is filmed in real time in real life with all the key players in the sex trafficking industry. Equal time is given to the pimps, johns and prostitutes as well as the Denver Vice Squad, Las Vegas P.D. and survivors of human trafficking. It is for this reason it is adults only.

    In its rawness it portrays all the aspects of the sex trade and spares no detail. I never shed a tear because I was too outraged at the arrogance of the pimps and johns. It is truly a depraved state of mind that can think and act in such a dehumanizing way. But the truth is the truth, and the language in the movie reflects that. It also films a sting operation by the Denver Vice Squad. Sergeant Steele shares his frustration by explaining that police are arresting the wrong people, and until they begin arresting the pimps and johns, progress will not be made. The pimp posts bail and the girls are out in 24 hours creating a revolving door scenario.

    The most compelling part for me was the story of human trafficking survivor Danielle. Not only was she in the film and discussed her experiences in the sex trade, she spoke at the film event and answered questions. When I asked her how she got out, she credited God. She recounted several miracles that in the natural course of events would never have happened. However everything is possible with God. Her testimony was truly moving. She stated, “God always shows me grace. I am grateful to God and Jesus and without this experience I would not be able to do what I am doing now.” She credits God with getting her personhood back. She is not only an advocate but works full time and has a family. The transformational power of the gospel is amazing.

    Thank you to Intervarsity Christian Fellowship at William Paterson College for having this showing. It is a courageous move, as many churches and church groups would consider this too offensive. However when I think a movie regarding modern day slavery is too offensive, I also remember the reality that the victims live with every day and it puts it all into perspective.

    Tricked is a movie that is “in your face” and is unapologetic in its portrayal of modern day slavery. The language is raw and the interviews are graphic, but it is the unflinching complete truth. If by chance an audience member was a “fence-sitter” as far as taking action is concerned, the movie’s brutal honesty makes it impossible to stay that way.

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