#HTChallenge Bearing Rich Fruit!

Sometimes we do our part in the fight for justice and never see the fruit. Sometimes, though, we’re blown away by the harvest.

About two weeks ago our co-founder Susan Panzica met the mother of a student who first heard about human trafficking through the #HTChallenge last year. He was captivated by using football as a way to raise awareness. Not only did he participate in the challenge, he inspired others to do the same, then started a nonprofit of his own.

RU AWARE was established by this student and was awarded a government grant. This NJ varsity football player has used this money to do his own SOAP project AND purchase awareness curriculum that is now used each year in his high school’s sociology classes.

Feeling drawn to reach underage minors like him, he continues to raise funds for Justice Network partner Love True. We’ll be hearing more about this kid … and we have the HTChallenge to thank for it.

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”
– Francis of Assisi

Have you joined the challenge yet?

Grab ready-made tweets, status updates, images and more at www.HalfTimeChallenge.net.

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