#HTChallenge 2015


Last year when the Super Bowl was held in NJ, Justice Network created the #HTChallenge social media campaign for the NJ Coalition Against Human Trafficking. The campaign reached over 3 million people via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest! (Read more about the press received.)

The Super Bowl may not be in NJ this year, but that doesn’t matter. Human trafficking is still in this world and so we still fight. And, thanks to social media, our reach extends far beyond the borders of our state.

We updated the website ​to reflect the timelessness of this issue​.

Super Bowl is less than 2 weeks away. But that’s okay — for social media, 2 weeks is a lifetime. We can do this! With your help, we can reach over 4 million!


  • Share the #HTChallenge with your networks: friends, family, coworkers, and your social media contacts.
  • Visit ​www.htchallenge.net for the Game Plan and more. Download quotes, stats, and images then share them​ with increasing frequency​ to get the word out leading up to 2/1/15​ ::​ Super Bowl Sunday.
  • Be sure to use the hashtags in your comments so our posts will show up in those conversations (#HTChallenge, #HalftimeChallenge, #SB49, #S​uper​B​owl​XLIX)
  • Consider using HT​/halftime to share about HT​/human trafficking. All the talking points you need are on the website.
  • Would your organization be willing to sign on as a participant and share this initiative with others in your network of influence? ​See ​www.halftimechallenge.net/resources/for-organizations/

Please let’s all work together to raise awareness and abolish human trafficking!


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