Film Viewing: Nefarious : January 9th

Join us this Friday, January 9th, for a viewing of Nefarious: Merchant of Souls, an award-winning film about human trafficking. The documentary features interviews with victims and perpetrators of modern-day sex slavery.


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  1. “Nefarious: Merchant of Souls” – a movie review – by Gail Kaiser

    We have a saying at church, “We don’t want to leave the same way we came in.” “Nefarious: Merchant of Souls” is that kind of movie. It is a hard-hitting, adult themed documentary that deals with the global issue of Human Trafficking. It is impossible to remain unaffected.

    It was filmed on 4 continents in 19 different countries and begins with such an intense first 5 minutes that I thought I may not stay for the entire movie. But I am glad I did because it does a great job of personalizing the issue for the viewer. It puts it in your own backyard. This material makes it crystal clear that this is not only a global problem, but a problem in the United States as well.

    We travel from Moldova, to Amsterdam, Thailand, Cambodia, The United States and Sweden. It gives an account of how sex trafficking started in each country. Those reasons vary, however each seemingly has parts of sex trading in common. “The exploitation of the vulnerable”, the breakdown of the girls both physically and psychologically, and finally, the exchange of a lot of money. Greed being the driving force behind the Human Trafficking machine.

    This was my first viewing of the movie and I will be honest, I cried through most of it, because the suffering is so compelling you cannot help but empathize with the victims. It shocks your sensibilities as it should in an effort to convict you into action. The movie is not for children, however is effective in communicating the issue, ways to help and hope in Christ.

    The end chronicles the restoration through salvation in Christ of a few prostitutes, a pimp and a john. It leaves the viewers with a sense of hope and a heart to do something about the situation. Christ is the Hope and is the Way people are restored to wholeness.

    Thank you to Grace Church on the Mount in Netcong for having this showing because some churches would not allow the platform for a movie such as this to be shown. There was also a very fruitful question and answer session afterwards and the event was well attended. People were genuinely moved by it and wanted to know ways to help and more information on the topic.

    One of the Event Coordinators, Marisol MacCheyne commented, “May this shake the audience to restlessness”. Amen to that.

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