Youth4Justice Event


Mark your calendars! We have a big event coming up. This one is specifically for teens and we would love all hands on deck.

Justice Network hosts and sponsors a number of events throughout the year. You can always find the dates and details on the Events and Opportunities page. Some of those are small, some quiet, some neither. This one is neither.

On November 1st we will be hosting an event for local youth groups. Our purpose that night is to raise awareness for prevention and advocacy. We’ll do this through worship, showing a movie, offering break-out sessions and practical steps for immediate action. And we invite YOU to get involved!

If you are a YOUTH LEADER, please contact us to see how your church or youth group can participate.

If you are a TEEN or the PARENT OF A TEEN, encourage your youth leaders to participate as a group. Or contact us to see how your family might come solo.

If you are an ACTIVIST and you want to help the night of the event, contact us to see what support roles need to be filled.

No matter who you are, help us spread the word. 

  • Share a link to this post on facebook and twitter or whatever social media platform you frequent.
  • Invite friends to attend and participate.
  • Click on the image below to download the flyer. Post this wherever you think might draw attention.

If you have any questions, email us at

Y4J Sept. 15 revision


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