Tackle the Trafficking Fundraising Event

Due to snow conditions on the field, the game for Sat. 2/8/14 is CANCELLED, but will be rescheduled under better conditions. Stay tuned!! 

JN football

Justice Network is delighted to partner with the NJNIAARBPSLIFL to help raise awareness and put an end to human trafficking! What was formerly known as the “Semi-Super Bowl Tournament” has now become the “TACKLE THE TRAFFICKING 8v8 FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT.”

The T.T.T. 8v8 Football Tournament Details:
Date: FEBRUARY 8, 2014
Time: 1:00PM Kickoff
Place: Ramapo High School Athletic Field
Suggested Fee/Donation: $10.00 (or however much you feel led to give)

There will be a voluntary (but highly suggested) registration fee of $10.00 (or however much you feel led to give). 100% of the proceeds from the T.T.T. 8v8 Football Tournament will go to our network partner, LOVE TRUE, and the building of a restoration home for trafficked girls right here in America.

RSVP for the football tournament on facebook via THIS LINK.

Final Note: If you guys were planning on attending Bethany Kuiken’s event at Eastern Christian High School later in the evening, please do not let any donation towards this replace what you were planning on giving at her event. Consider this a supplement and give freely/how you feel led. There is no pressure at all!


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